Restaurant Consultancy

David Moore owner of the highly acclaimed Pied à Terre restaurant, can offer his knowledge, skills and general know-how through his Restaurant Consultancy business.

With a proven track record of running successful restaurants and his in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the restaurant business means David Moore can offer a one-stop shop.

Whether you are an established restaurant wanting to grow, a struggling restaurant looking for pointers in the right direction or if you have always had a desire to have your own restaurant and want help with set up, launch and ongoing success, we can help. You may think your project is too small to come to us – no project is too small. David will be happy to help and be involved in any size project.

We are happy to talk through any aspect of running and managing a restaurant, from food and suppliers to staffing issues to marketing and promotion.

Just give us a call or email David to discuss any one of the following:

  • Menu planning
  • Wine
    • Wine List compilation
    • Wine training
    • Buying Strategy
  • Food costs
  • Systems
    • Reservations
    • EPOS
    • Telephone
    • Back office
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow
  • Product development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mystery Diner
  • The Restaurant Guides
    • Michelin
    • Good Food
    • AA
    • Zagat
    • Hardens
  • Public Relations
    • PR Agencies
    • Marketing Agencies
    • Design Agencies
  • Property
    • Acquisition
    • Agents
    • Local knowledge
    • Property Lawyers
  • Experts
    • Solicitors
    • Accountants
    • Book keepers
    • Pay roll
    • Employment law
    • Food Safety
    • Insurance
    • Banking
  • Suppliers
    • Food supplier
    • Wine suppliers
    • Utilities
  • Design and designers
    • Interior designers
    • Graphics
    • Website and Search Engine Optimisation
    • Online marketing
    • Brand identity